Music Lessons

Lesson Fees (including maintenance fee)

Since shamisen is the base and "conductor" of a nagauta ensemble, it is important for students to understand shamisen rhythms and the singing melodies before taking on other instruments such as drums or flute. If a student has interest or talent in other areas, I can also teach those instruments. But shamisen lessons are the first step into nagauta. The various lesson options are:

60 min. Y1500
90 min. Y2000
120 min. Y2500

I am more concerned about the quality of the lesson, so if your lesson runs over by a few minutes, it is no problem!


In order to inspire my nagauta students' training, I encourage everyone to perform. There may be small gigs throughout a year, but mainly I will prepare one large recital for all players once a year, held in a large hall in Tokyo, assisted by professional musicians.

Usually, student recitals are very costly in Japan. However, I am working hard to make such concerts affordable for my students. Students can expect to pay between Y20,000-30,000 for performance-related costs, such as rental of the hall, and fees to stage assistants and professional musicians.
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